Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breathing New Vida

Did you notice the new design?  Now that I have more time in my hands I thought it would be a good opportunity to slightly re-design the blog and give it a more “Sri Lanka” look. 

The color palatte was inspired by the national flag.

The “dot” in the exclamation mark is the outline of this teardrop-shaped island.

The typeface I chose were free off the net (Thug and Jean-Claude’s Hand) and which I think embodied who I am and the energy I want people to feel off this blog.

I also wanted to maintain a cleaner look thus the white background.

I have hubby to thank as well for helping me navigate through Photoshop – this is actually my first creation using the software!

So there you go! 

What do you think?


  1. Ganda in fairness! (ang bakla ano?) 'Like your blog, Sana ako din wife ng expat - errr, wag na lang siguro. Abangan ko insights mo on this island, maybe in time maka bike ako sa rural areas dyan - curious about the wildlife. hehe :) - G-third

  2. Aww thanks G-third!!! Haha! baliw ka talaga! Na-miss tuloy kita! Oo nga, come and bike here! Haha! Syempre kailangan kasama ang kaibigan ko :-)


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