Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Taste of Southeast Asia

Being this far away from home it seems that finding a South East Asian dig is finding “home.”  It’s such a familiar taste not to mention yummy!  On the way to hubby’s work just around the corner from our street he found a Thai restaurant called Jack Tree.  For our Friday night dinner, I took a break from cooking and we checked the place out!

It was actually packed but thank God no waiting (we had a mini incident on the way, our car got side swiped by a Bajaj or a tuk-tuk and I was starving)!  We were surprised to see quite a few locals as well!  The interior was cozy but a bit too dark for my taste.
Hubby happy to take a break from Wifey's cooking!
We started off with the ubiquitous Tom Yum Soup – superb!  Sweet, sour and spicy in perfect harmony!  Hubby is not a fan (of Tom Yum Soups in general) but took a sip nonetheless.

Next we had Pomelo Salad – which was a disappointment.  The pomelo was too dry and the dish was too onion-y.  The red kind.

Entrée was Cuttlefish Curry of sorts.  It was a bit of a miss as well because it was more of a South Asian curry and not the Thai kind.  I think of the Thai curry to be more light.  This one was too rich and too sweet for my taste.  

A trip to a Thai restaurant is not enough without Mango Sticky Rice.  It was marvelous!  The mango was like the “Indian Mango” kind (well hello, we’re near India but I didn’t think Indian Mango was literal until now).  The Filipino mango is still the best in my humble opinion.  The sweetness is just right and texture is supple.  The rice in coconut milk emulsion was just heaven!  Yum, yum, yum!   

All in all it was a good break from our week’s menu and gave us a taste of “home” or at least what we’re used to.  Although it was both a hit and miss in one sitting it’s still not a bad place to get some decently-priced Thai fix.  Plus they’re near our place and they deliver!

Jack Tree ( is at No. 200 Park Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka. 

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