Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview with the Housewives: An Introduction

In my attempt to make sense of this situation I got myself in (no hard feelings really!  Just going through the change curve!) I decided to tackle it the best way I know how.  Interview the experts.  I didn’t know it was “so HR” until my Diplo Wife best friend pointed it out!  I actually thought it was more the researcher in me!

Looking at my future housewifedom!
So let me tell you about my mini-project.  I wrote a couple of my friends who are/were housewives.  I figured it would be helpful for me to see how other women have done it and (hopefully) is enjoying (or have enjoyed) the so-called life of a housewife.  Basically I looked at how they transitioned, what helped them, their challenges, tips and of course their words of wisdom. 

I will present you their stories one by one as they come.  I will not attempt to consolidate data and present you quantitative summaries or analysis.  Rather I present to you their story and I present to you mine and how what they said resonated with where I am at the point of writing.  And that’s as much correlation you will get! 

So sit back, enjoy, relax and let’s get into the lives of our home divas and mga ilaw ng tahanan (light of the home) in Interview with the Housewives.

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