Saturday, October 16, 2010

Going Local!

Last Saturday for our lunch, hubby and I decided to try something local.  We went to Green Cabin (a local jaunt) initially planning to try their lunch buffet but as we found out it’s the usual medley of rice, beans, chillies and veggies.  In as much as I was a rice “monster”, the spread was not really our idea of a buffet. 

So instead we both decided to try the Lamprais.  The Lamprais is actually influenced by the Dutch Burghers, the country’s second western colonizers.  Lamprais is a complete meal wrapped in banana leaf (or called locally as Kehel Kole) much like a Binalot.  It consists of:

Lamprais Curry
Frikkadels (meatballs)
Brinjal (Egg fruit) paella
Chilli & Onion sambol
Pawn blachang
Ash Plantain fries
The Rice

I’m not really a fan of the cuisine here because as you can see it consists of many things that are specific to South Asia which I am not used to.  But it was still worth a try in the process of soaking up in this country’s culture and acclimatizing to their taste.

Green Cabin is at 453 Galle Road, Colombo 3.  Although you may also find a few outlets around the city mostly selling their baked goods.

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