Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laundry Day!

I’ve never been so excited to do the laundry until the maintenance guy came and fixed our washing machine.  You see, on my 3rd day in Colombo, I set out to do the laundry.  But the washing machine has been untouched – it was not connected to the water source, not even to the electricity and the drain was still hooked to the body.  In short, in my husband’s one month in our apartment, he has NEVER used the washing machine!  There are numerous laundry places in Colombo and I guess it made sense for a single guy to have his stuff laundered here.  

Waiting to be Washed!

To get started on my first ever laundry day in Colombo, I spent an hour trying to figure out one major problem: how to get the water in.  It has to be connected to a water source (water faucet) for it to function effectively.  I couldn’t make the connection stick to the faucet.  And somehow when you put water manually (which I tried doing) the mechanism won’t work.  So instead of wasting the day away trying to figure it out, we just asked the help of the maintenance guy in the building. 

That's how it should work...

Efficiency at its finest: straight to drain!

And fix the problem he did.  The water comes in from the back of the machine going through the laundry powder source.  And I guess that was the reason why it only works when water comes in that way.
It's working already!

So after that, I didn’t have to do the laundry by hand (yippee!) – which is totally a chore.  And now I understand why the washing machine is a housewife’s best friend!

Hanging out to dry!


  1. kulit mo, Tala! i remember when Wins & i were still in LB and for some reason i had to launder clothes by hand..i felt so kawawa. HAHAHA
    congratulations on your washing machine that works!!! =)

  2. Hahahaha!!! Thanks Andy :-) O ayan I used your name already!

  3. I live in a serviced apartment here in Dili so they provide laundry services. It is better compared to the one I was living in before and now I don't have to look for a filipina laundrywoman to wash and iron my clothes. While the quality is not as good, at least it is already provided for. Heaven!! ha ha


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