Monday, December 19, 2011

The Birthing Game: Winner La Vida Lanka!

Winners were verified by this uber cute DTI representative :-)

The day has finally come!  Thank you for waiting with us and joining the birthing game.  It was interesting to see so many entries from family and friends and the various reasons for choosing the bets.  Here are the interesting ones:
  • Lucky numbers
  • Based on birthing norms (what usually goes for the first child)
  • Their birthdays or birthdays of those close to them
  • Payroll - the 15th! (hmm, why not?)

And I’m sure you’re all wondering, who won?

The two who came closest are my soul sister W and Luna’s Ninong J!  

W’s bet is December 13, 9am because it is her nephew’s birthday.  Ninong J’s bet on the other hand is December 13, 2am since it is his birthday and he was born around the same time as well! 

So who won?  It’s soul sister W!  I gave birth on December 13, 2:05pm.  But because Luna shares the same birthday as Ninong J, we are also feeling very generous and declare him as the runner up!  You guys will get a special treat from La Lanka!  Details will be sent to you individually. 

Again, thank you all for waiting with us for our little moon to arrive.  She is here!


  1. Super cute ng DTI Representative! :)

    And good thing I guessed 2011! Hee hee

  2. Haha! I couldn't believe I gave birth to such cuteness Tita Wins!

    Wins as in Winner. HAHA! Labo! Nababaliw na ata ako :-)

  3. Ninong Ayo! So adorable right? You have to meet her soon. Come here!


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