Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: The Nesting Continues

As I was able to complete our Christmas decorating, I then moved on to the second wave: the end all and be all of all nesting instincts, Baby’s Stuff!

Check it out!

The crib I got for only Rs5000/ (which is around Php2,500).  It's fairly safe until baby knows how to stand up on her own - which could be by the time we're out of here already...

the crib!

It's hard to take a decent shot of the changing table because of where it's located.  But here it is!

"the changing table"
Baby's clothes can fit into a basket (sans the nappies which are in a nappy bin)!  We decided not to buy much at this stage as baby will grow too fast anyways!
baby's clothes!
Baby's first few books... this will definitely add up later on :-)

books, books, books!
 For everything else... the closet!

baby's closet :-)

Oh and while we wait, let’s have a little fun!  Join the Birthing Game!


  1. Waaah! Can't wait to see the baby!

  2. Awww :-) You're sooo sweet Ninong! I miss you...


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