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Giving Birth La Vida Lanka

Birthing La Vida Lanka

When people found out that I was going to give birth in Sri Lanka, we got mixed reactions: people from Sri Lanka pretty much expected me to go home while people from home were a bit skeptical. Giving birth is really a family affair so it is no wonder to expect us to go home for it.  Especially for Filipinos like us, during this season of Christmas and especially for our families on both sides as Luna is the first grandchild.  It would have been wonderful for our families to come here but the distance and the many other family milestones prevent a reunion la vida Lanka.  The main reason why Sri Lanka is the default option for the place of birth is because my husband and I would like to be in this together all the way.  You see, it is difficult for me to give birth back home since it would entail months of separation – I would have to come to the Philippines at least 3 months before the due date, hubby will only be able to go closer to the due date.  We would however have to wait for a bit as well to be able to travel back to Sri Lanka to just process her travel documents and what-nots.  Sri Lanka it is.

Those from home were skeptical because they are not aware that Sri Lanka actually has a very good health care system.  Most of their doctors have been educated abroad, there are quite a number of really good hospitals and my experience with the E.R. and consultations with doctors of different specialties have always been excellent.  So if you find yourself needing to give birth in Sri Lanka, do not fear.  Let me share with you the hospitalization logistics post birth (you can read up on birthing in Our Birth Story).  Since I only have experience of a Sri Lankan birth, I am in no position to compare and contrast with a Philippine (or another country’s) experience.  To those who have, I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well.

After delivery and my OB-Gyne thanking the crew, I got wheeled in to the recovery room.  The recovery room apparently was the same as the pre-operating room.  One side was for those preparing to get operated on, and the other was for those who just came from the OR.  At the recovery room, I stayed for around 3.5 hours.  They brought Luna twice for breastfeeding as well. 

I was then brought to the room where hubby and Nanalou were waiting.  Luna followed suit.  It was a default room-in arrangement here.  We did everything for baby, feeding, changing nappies and what not.  The nurses and doctors gave us excellent attention.  My Ob-Gyne came the day after and I was also visited twice by a Lactation Consultant.  I like how they really supported breastfeeding in Sri Lanka and giving you the support you need early on. 

As a C-section patient, they also urged me to move about.  On the second day they made me stand up and go to the toilet (which made me faintish I thought I was really going to pass out) and took out the catheter. By the third day I made it a point to spend most of the time out of the bed because I was due to be discharged that day and might as well practice being independent right? 

The nurses were really nice – they are not mataray (rude or snobbish) at all.  They are genuinely nice which is not the memory of Filipino nurses I have back home.

The food was also good – the nutritionist visited me (twice!) and asked me what kind of meal I would like.  They served Sri Lankan most of the time but it was a toned down version (in terms of the spices) so it was perfect for me. 

We were discharged on the third day – which I thought was quite fast for a C recovery although I really don’t have any idea.  But I was pretty much good to go by that time.

The only hiccup was there was a bit of a miscommunication regarding the discharge.  In the Sri Lanka apparently a representative of the HMO would have to be the one to check you out.  Which we didn’t know at all.  The guy apparently met up with my hubby the day I got admitted but did not tell him the process for checking out.  In any case that got sorted out pretty quickly.  Instead of a 5pm release, we just got delayed by 2 hours within the comforts of our room anyways.

The most amazing thing about my medical experience in Sri Lanka is the price is very, very affordable for the quality.  For a price of a Manila Regular Private Room, we were able to get a nice suite – with a separate area for caregivers: a refrigerator, a wardrobe, table and chair, long couch and a sofa bed.  Plus the medicines are quite cheap here as well – for the same brands as back home (at least half the price!).

All in all I was happy with our decision to give birth in Sri Lanka with a pleasant hospitalization experience!

I gave birth and was hospitalized in Lanka Hospitals (formerly Apollo), 578, Elvitigala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.                  


  1. Hi Mrs O,

    I came upon your your blog about a month ago and has been checking it regularly. My wife is also pregnant and we are currently in Sri Lanka. coincidentally, we were referred to Dr. K too. She's lovely and quite fits the adjectives you used in one of your article; the laughter, and all.

    This recent blogpost spoke about what we are really going through--deciding whether to give birth here or back in the Philippines. Thanks for the very informative and descriptive entries.


  2. Hi Terence! That is sooo cool :-) Glad the post was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions :-) When is your wife due? Wishing you a blissful pregnancy la vida Lanka!


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