Monday, December 5, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Let The Nesting Begin!

One of nature’s way of signalling that labor and birth are near is by what you call a nesting instinct or the desire to clean and prepare your “nest” for baby’s arrival.  I actually didn’t know what to expect of this because I’m relatively a neat-freak.  But it does sweep over you (pardon the pun) in such a way that you have not experienced before – whether OC or otherwise.

For me, it manifested itself in the following weird ways:

  • I suddenly had the urge to do the laundry (and have seriously thought about ironing, my hatest chore ever – thank God the cleaning lady came in time!) – even if someone else will be doing it soon.
  • One of the things I wanted to wash are our curtains, you see it’s kind of hard and even a bit dangerous (at least for my heavy condition) to do this.  Since hubby was a bit busy, I took it upon myself to get myself up there, put up the already washed curtains that hubby got the night before, move on to the next room and get the curtains to be washed myself. 
  • I have seriously thought about calling in sick just to do all the nesting items on my to-do list.  At that time, I only had 3 more days to go at work.  I controlled the urge of course and got all excited about the stretch of time I have to do my nesting activities (hopefully) before baby arrives.

So even my previously already OC self have become a little bit nuttier with this nesting instinct!  I guess it also came at the right time.  My nesting instinct became really handy in decorating our home in time for Christmas!  The first wave of my nesting instinct so to speak.

Check it out!

the dining and living room

a closer look at the dining room (with my bday party menu! haha!)

merry christmas!

a closer look at the living room

red and brown/gold is the color theme of the christmas 2011

a little something at the corner

christmas tree! thanks hubby for agreeing to put one up this year! with our driver's gift (the birds)!

a closer look at our christmas tree!

the view across the couch - with our dugyot TV (mind you maganda ang sounds nyan!)

four stockings this year! papa p, mommy t, baby l and nanalou!

snowflakes hanging on the door handles

Oh and while we wait, let’s have a little fun!  Join the Birthing Game!


  1. You have such a neat home! Can you do the same here? hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Syempre tinanggal ko yung gulo before taking pictures! HAHAHA :-)


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